Zeteo’s patient-centric delivery systems are designed for quick manufacturing to facilitate rapid deployment of drugs and vaccines to global populations

AUSTIN, TX – 14 May 2020 –(PR.com) – Zeteo Biomedical LLC announced today the availability of ZTECH-L™ Orion™ nasal drug and biologic delivery systems. Zeteo’s latest innovative delivery device technology provides pharmaceutical and biotech companies developing drugs, peptides, proteins, antibodies and vaccines with precise and effective non-invasive systemic delivery via the nasal route. Nasal delivery of vaccines and biomedical countermeasures, such as anti-virals or mono-clonal antibodies, provides rapid systemic uptake into the body. This can invoke a fast local immune response in the respiratory track, which is frequently the primary route of infection for contagious biothreats such as pandemic flu or coronavirus. ZTECH-L™ Orion™ devices are intuitive to use, enabling either patient self-administration or administration by caregivers.


Orion intranasal delivery devices utilize a novel packaging technology comprised of a Form Fill Seal (FFS) flexible foil laminate that packages the drug or biologic in a unit dose blister. ZTECH-L™ blister packaging provides exceptional barrier properties to protect the drug or vaccine during storage and transport and can be stored at room temperature, refrigerated or frozen storage conditions. The ZTECH-L™ FFS packaging technology can be commercially scaled to produce millions of doses per day; a critically important requirement for producing and deploying billions of doses of vaccines or medical countermeasures to global populations under crisis conditions. Orion nasal device configurations include the OrionSD™ single use disposable device for vaccine and rescue applications and the OrionSR™ reloadable device for multi-dose drug delivery applications.