A nasal vaccine that can be self-administered is crucial to protect global populations against pandemic virus threats

AUSTIN, TX – 17 November 2020 –(send2press)– Zeteo Biomedical LLC, Inc., a privately held medical device company, has partnered with the Nanovaccine Institute at Iowa State University to study a nasal SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. Zeteo will provide nasal delivery device technology and unit dose packaging utilizing its ZTECH-P™ Delivery Platform, along with technical services to support the evaluation of a room temperature stable SARS-CoV-2 vaccine under development by ISU’s Nanovaccine Institute. Zeteo ZEO™ Delivery Platforms provide nasal delivery device configurations to support vaccine development during early stage pre-clinical animal studies, human clinical trials and are commercially scalable to fill/finish and deliver millions of doses per day for a global supply of nasal vaccines or medical countermeasures in the event of a pandemic crisis.

ISU’s vaccine is expected to provide long-term protection against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, and is intended to address some of the limitations of the vaccines currently in development by targeting room temperature storage and single dose nasal self-administration as key capabilities. “Our approach leverages the strengths of ISU’s nanovaccine platform and Zeteo’s ZTECH-P™ nasal delivery platform and brings together a world-class team of scientists and engineers providing expertise for vaccine formulation, pre-clinical and clinical evaluations, fill/fit/finish packaging, nasal delivery devices and manufacturing scale-up”, said Dr. Balaji Narasimhan, Director of the Nanovaccine Institute at Iowa State University.

Zeteo’s ZTECH-P™ Delivery Platform includes nasal delivery devices to support powder and reconstituted powder to liquid vaccine formulations that can be either caregiver- or self-administered. Timothy Sullivan, President of Zeteo Biomedical, said “We are honored to have been selected by the ISU Nanovaccine Institute to provide our technology and expertise in nasal drug delivery and packaging to support this critically important project to address the global health devastation caused by COVID 19.”

Additional collaboration partners involved in the project include the Southwest Research Institute (San Antonio, TX), Skroot Laboratory, Inc. (Ames, IA), and the University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA). This is a fast track project and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.