Vaccines have been around for quite a while, so why has the COVID-19 vaccine been such a hot-button topic? Why has the method of action, parameters for storage, and transportation been something so widely discussed? It’s great that this information is being provided to the world, but without context or explanation, it has led to some worries and confusion.

Timothy Sullivan of Zeteo Biomedical joins Janet Walkow in an Acast podcast episode to talk about how decisions are made regarding the design, delivery, and transport of drugs, and vaccines specifically. You can better understand why this vaccine was ready so quickly, why you should get it and what was done to ensure safety in these products. The two also provide insight into how we could do better in the future by taking time to prepare now, as well as by being willing to adopt different strategies for getting the vaccinating people quickly and efficiently. Consider how different this vaccination campaign would look if your dose was sent to your house for you to safely self-administer.